Footium Design Request



We are happy to open up a dedicated Design request section for Footium football clubs. Please read the description below to confirm what this purchase is for.

What does this Include?

This item is for a full design consultation of your Footium shirt. You will have creative control over the shirt colours, patterns, collar styles and design elements of this virtual product.

Virtual Product

This item is for a Footium virtual shirt. This is not for a physical garment. When the design has been completed, you will be provided with front and back images of your finished shirt in high resolution format ( 5000x X 5000x Pixels ) .

Can I purchase the finished shirt in the store?

Yes, when your shirt design has been completed, we will add this to our webstore. As an added bonus, we will provide you with a 25% off discount code which you can use to purchase your Footium football shirt at a discounted rate. Please note – The discount code will be single use and for a single shirt.


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